Links to Specific Rooms

Today someone was asking me, how do you make a link to a specific room, like the ones in the photo tour post?

First, go to and go to the profile of the owner of the room.  (This might be difficult if it is not your room or one of your buddies’ rooms, and in that case I can’t help you.)

Click the Homes tab, choose which house has the room, and click on the room to bring up a larger view:

Once the large view of that room is showing, at the bottom you should see a button to visit this room:

When you click this button, you will be taken to a URL on that will take you directly to this room in the game:

Now, if you want to create links for Facebook or MySpace, you need to take special note of the room identifier, which is the part after “d=” but not including “&poe=200”.  So in this example it would be h23017951.

For Facebook, the url would be

And for MySpace, the url is{%22zy_path%22%3A%22index.php%3Fautologin%3D1%26d%3dXXXXXXXX%22}

Where you would replace the red X’s with the room ID.


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