The Photo Tour

The photo tour is a way to get coins and points with photos.  A high-scoring photo (score of 1000 or higher) will give 20 points and between 15 and 20 coins.

Unfortunately, you can only get one free film at each place.  Even different rooms in the same house, or different houses owned by the same avatars will only give one free film per day.  So to get lots of coins and points, you have to visit homes owned by different avatars.  This is where the photo tour comes in.

Each teleport door leads to a photo op owned by a different avatar.  I don’t have many avatars, so I enlisted my friends to help create the photo ops.

Since each one is owned by someone different, you can go from one photo op to the next to the next, getting one free film at each one.  So you don’t out of film after only five photos.

Unfortunately this can’t go on forever because there is a daily limit of 25 free film you can get this way.  But still, that’s a decent number of coins and especially points (if you’re not already level 50).

Here are links for Facebook and MySpace.  Enjoy!


  • By Goldie, February 6, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

    The photo op is awesome. Wish it had be up when I was trying to get to 50. Thanks to you and good friends for doing this for us. The game is more fun when not wasting time and resources. You are such a big help. Hey– I love your comment option.. it even has spell check.. LOL

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