Whiteboard Creation, New and Improved!

I’ve been working these past few weeks on improving the whiteboard creation system in several ways.  I’m finally ready to announce yovilleart.com, which is taking the place of this website!

The new YoVille whiteboard art site will have all the same features as here, plus some additional benefits:

1. The new one has a HUGE catalog of images to pick from, so you don’t have to upload images from your computer.

2. With the new setup, it’s easier to keep track of the custom pictures you’ve uploaded and purchased, because they are shown within your account.

3. Lower prices!

4. Multi-board allows you to create dual-, triple-, and quad-board artwork!

5. Better promotion and marketing.

6. Subscriptions are now available for UNLIMITED drawing.

To accomplish these improvements, I’ve teamed up with the folks at elfano.com, and we’ve put together a new site.

This means that the whiteboard creation here at lightningjamie.com is being retired!

If you purchased keys you may still use them.  If you purchased vouchers, they will still work.  But you may not buy keys or vouchers here anymore.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to yovilleart.com now and check it out!

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